The Paradigm 500 inversion table is just the right equipment for beginning or experienced inversion table users, the Paradigm 500 can help to relieve minor back aches and muscle tension.

This inversion table is also a fantastic way to add extra crunch to exercises like sit-ups. It has been built with a durable tubular steel frame with a scratch-resistant, powder-coated finish, this real value for money table has multiple features for a comfortable and safe experience.

The table accommodates users up to 300lbs and up to 6′ 6″ in height. Large curved safety handles allows the user to return to the upright position easily.


Easy to use and easy to mount

I’ve read a few reviews mentioning problems with this table, which I could not observe. For example, the table CAN be folded without dismounting the handles. And yes, you CAN invert all the way, head down
Altogether, very good product, easy to mount and to use.

It relieved my chronic back pain, almost immediately!

I have suffered with chronic lower back pain for the past 20 years. I’ve tried all sorts of treatments including chiropractic, physical therapy, and injections. I have been diagnosed with arthritis and told that I’ll just have to live with the pain. This summer, as I attempted to golf 5 or 6 days a week, the pain became unbearable. I had to take major dosages of pain killers. I couldn’t sleep very well because I couldn’t find a comfortable position to lay in. I had to try something or give up golf.

I decided to try inversion therapy. I purchased the Paradigm 500. When the table arrived, I was very pleased with the quality and the ease of assembly.

I began using it immediately. I use it 2 or 3 times a day, for 10 minutes each session. It relieved my severe pain almost immediately. I’m back up to golfing 6 days a week, mostly 18 holes at a time.  Sure, my lower back feels tired after walking 18 holes of golf, but when I get back on the inversion table, it relaxes my back.

I don’t know if this sort of treatment will work for everyone, but it sure has for me!

Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion table

The Ironman ATIS 4000 inversion table can help you reduce back stress, stimulate your blood circulation and even work your abs,  this table makes a great household fitness accessory.

The ironman ATIS 4000 inversion table aids your body’s overall health by increasing lumbar traction, eventually relieving pressure on your vertebrae discs and ligaments. So when your back starts to relax, the rest of your body follows.

This excellent table can also help with increasing body flexibility for improved athletic performance, reducing the effects of aging due to gravity, and relieving lower backaches due to sitting or standing.


Well built table, great service

I can really recommend inversion tables and this one in particular. It does not fold, which we wanted as it is a very sturdy unit. It also has new ratcheting type ankle grabbers making it easy to get on/off and no need for boots. It also has 10 locked positions, though I tend to only use the free and upside down settings. It is large and heavy, but well made. For this one (maybe others too) keep in mind the ratchet mechanisms lock and set, so a little push towards tighter (or more upside-down) allows the ratcheting handle to unlock. That is not clear to the average user.